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KTEL Lamia Bus to Athens

Should there be problems with the weather and you are concerned about missing your flight or if you simply don't like being up at sparrowfart to catch a 6.45am flying dolphin from Patitiri harbour then read on.  At the end of our stay at Villa Aliki in summer 2004 we left a day early on the late afternoon Flying Cat for Agios Konstantinos.  This meant no sleepless night, no up at the crack of dawn and closing the house up, no wondering if the taxi will turn up and no nasty smell of diesel from the engines of the hydrofoil to start the morning.

We checked into the Hotel Poulia overnight and went out early evening for a drink.  Afterwards we spent the evening around the main plateia having a meal and more drink.  The following morning we had breakfast in the hotel and headed for the the KTEL office which looks like a cafe bar with tables and chairs outside.  For Athens you need to catch the KTEL bus from Lamia which runs every hour during the middle part of the day at 45 minutes to the hour.  As you are looking at the sea the bus leaves the National Road to your left and stops in a slip road in front.  There may be some confusion because the KTEL bus from Athens is due to arrive from your right at 45 minutes to the hour as well.
DO NOT get on this bus unless you are desperate to visit Lamia.

A single ticket from Agios Konstantinos costs 13 euro and comes with a seat reservation.  You can see what a ticket looks like from the picture below.  Try and sit in the correct seat as the Greeks are very pedantic about things like this and it stops any unpleasantness.

The bus leaves Agios Konstantinos and heads off down the National Road E75 towards Athens.  The journey time to Athens is around 2½ hours.  Don't be alarmed if the bus leaves the motorway or stops at the side to pick up passengers, this is perfectly normal.  The bus travels for about 1 hour before pulling off the road for a 15 minute stop at Cafeteria 90.  The 15 minute comfort stop is an opportunity to stretch your legs, go to the loo or get some food and drink.  You need to go to the cashier first to pay, then take the till receipt to the counter to get your food or drink.  This ensures you have paid whether you collect your goodies or not.  The departure of the bus may be announced in Greek or signalled by the driver hitting the horn but don't count on it.  We recommend you keep an eye out for the bus driver or some of the Greek passengers so you don't get left behind.

The second half of the journey takes the bus straight into the centre of Athens and to the turning off the road to the top of Liossion Street.  The bus takes the back turnings and enters the rear of Bus Station B.  When you get off the bus you have two options.  One is to take a taxi from the rank at the front of the bus station into Athens and the other is to walk back out to Liossion and get a bus to Athens or the airport from the other side of the road.

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