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KTEL Lamia Bus to Agios Konstantinos

For Agios Konstantinos you need to catch the KTEL bus to Lamia which runs Monday to Saturday every hour between 6.15am and 17.15pm with the last three buses departing at 18.30pm, 20.00pm and 21.30pm in the evening.  On Sunday the bus runs every hour between 7.15am and 17.15pm with the same last three evening bus departures.  Which bus you catch in the morning very much depends on the morning departure time of the catamaran or ferry from Agios Konstantinos to Alonissos.  So as not to arrive in a flying rush our best advice is as follows:

  • For a 10am departure catch the 6.15am bus although on Sunday the 7.15am bus will be OK
  • For a 10.30am or 11am departure catch either the 6.15am or 7.15am bus
  • For a mid-day departure catch either the 7.15am or 8.15am bus
Each ticket comes with a seat reservation.   and you should try and sit in your alloted seat as the Greeks are very pedantic about things like this and it stops any unpleasantness.
The bus leaves Bus Terminus B and heads off through North Athens onto National Road E75.  The journey time to Agios Konstantinos is around 2½ hours.  The bus travels for about 1-1¼ hours before pulling off the road for a 15 minute stop at Cafeteria 90.  During this part of the journey you exchange the concrete of Athens for the agricultural lands of Attica where cotton, vines and vegetables can be seen in the fields along with acres of olive trees.  Don't be alarmed if the bus stops at the side of the motorway to pick up passengers along the way, this is perfectly normal.

The 15 minute comfort stop at Cafeteria 90 is an opportunity to stretch your legs, go to the loo or get some food and drink.  You need to go to the cashier and pay for what you want, then take the till receipt to the counter to get your food or drink.  This ensures you have paid whether you collect your goodies or not.  The departure of the bus may be announced in Greek or signalled by the driver hitting the horn but don't count on it.  We recommend you keep an eye out for the bus driver or some of the Greek passengers so you don't get left behind.

The second half of the journey takes about 1 hour before the first major stop which is the harbour of Agios Konstantinos.  You will notice the view from the right hand side of the bus becomes less agricultural and more coastal and with the island of Evia often in view across the water.  As you reach Agios Konstantinos the bus comes over the brow of a hill and the white buildings of the town and harbour can be seen in the valley below.  The bus leaves the National Road and stops in a slip road outside the KTEL office.

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