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Flying Dolphin Hydrofoils

We have one hydrofoil currently operating around the Sporades islands of Alonissos, Skopelos and Skiathos, as of summer 2014, with the arrival of Aegean Flying Dolphin Erato.  The main company who ran hydrofoils around the Sporades was Hellenic Seaways who operated from Agios Konstantinos and Volos to Alonissos.  A Volos company called Vospo Dolphins commenced a service from Volos to Alonissos in June 2004 but Vospo went out of business the following year.  In the middle of August 2007 a new company called Planet Seaways started running flying dolphin Vardaris from Thessaloniki to Alonssos via Skiathos and Skopelos.  The company ran for one year and folded.  In 2009 Poseidon Lines ran a hydrofoil through the Sporades chain but they again only lasted one year before going out of business.

Hellenic Seaways Hydrofoil

Vospo Dolphins Hydrofoil

Planet Seaways Hydrofoil

Poseidon Lines Hydrofoil

Aegean Flying Dolphins Hydrofoil
There were two different types of old Russian built Kometa and Kolkhida hydrofoils operating in the Sporades and both these hydrofoils are shown in blue and white Hellenic Flying Dolphin livery below.

Flying Dolphin Ticket Tickets were sold by agents at the port areas and each one had a seat reservation.  Once all the seats were sold the hydrofoil was full.  Boarding the hydrofoil meant walking over the wing and through the door into the cabin.  The cabin crew normally asked your destination, so luggage can be stowed in the correct area.

Each row of seats had a letter and a number located on the arm.  The image here is of a typical hydrofoil ticket before they went out of service.  The last Flying Dolphins operating in these waters were Flying Dolphin 15 and Flying Dolphin 23.

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